TSM Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tax System Modernization (TSM) Program?

The TSM Program is a major effort we are undertaking to improve operations, taxpayer service, and voluntary compliance with tax laws. New features will be rolled out each year until all tax types are upgraded by the year 2020. See the Tax System Modernization Program page for more information.

What is a Hawaii Tax ID?

Department of Taxation forms and publications use the term “Hawaii Tax ID” to refer to the unique account identification number assigned to each tax account.

Why are Hawaii Tax ID numbers changing?

A cutting-edge system will be used to administer general excise (GE); use; seller’s collection; county surcharge; rental motor vehicle, tour vehicle and car-sharing vehicle surcharge (RV); and transient accommodations (TA) tax types. The process of upgrading existing accounts requires the assignment of Hawaii Tax ID numbers in the new system’s format. To avoid inconveniencing you, we will continue to support old Hawaii Tax ID numbers and processing of returns/payments received with old Hawaii Tax ID numbers.

How is the Hawaii Tax ID format changing?

Our old system assigns a Hawaii Tax ID starting with the letter W followed by 10 digits. Tax accounts that have been upgraded will be distinguished by a new Hawaii Tax ID starting with a two-letter account type identifier and 12 digits. See the Hawaii Tax ID Number Changes page for more information.

Will there be changes to my other tax accounts?

Accounts for other business tax types like Withholding, Corporate Income, Franchise, and Public Service Company will continue to use the old Hawaii Tax ID format until they are upgraded in August 2017.

Can I continue using preprinted forms and booklets showing my old Hawaii Tax ID?

Yes, we will continue to process returns and payments received with the old Hawaii Tax ID format. If you receive booklets for your GE or TA accounts, your 2017 booklets will show your new Hawaii Tax ID.

Can I continue to use my old GE license, RV, or TA certificate?

Taxpayers will be expected to replace their old licenses and certificates by November 2016 because old licenses and certificates lack security features built into the new format.

What if I don’t receive a new GE license or TA certificate in the mail?

If you don’t receive a new license or certificate in the mail, misplace it, or need a new copy for any reason, you can sign up for Hawaii Tax Online to print a valid copy of your GE license, RV, or TA certificate yourself.

What if I no longer use or need my tax license or certificate?

Please cancel unneeded tax licenses and certificates. You may cancel through Hawaii Tax Online or complete and mail Form GEW-TA-RV-1, Notification of Cancellation of Tax Licenses and Tax Permits. A copy of this form is available online.

If I only have a new Hawaii Tax ID for a new GE, RV, or TA account, how do I fill out forms designed for the old Hawaii Tax ID format?

We encourage using Hawaii Tax Online to file electronically. Until updated forms are available, we will automatically mail forms with pre-printed Hawaii Tax ID numbers to new account holders. We will also accept new Hawaii Tax ID numbers written on existing forms designed for the old Hawaii Tax ID format.

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