What’s New to Hawaii Tax Online?

As of Tuesday, September 3, 2019, the final phase for the Tax System Modernization (TSM) project will be implemented. This deployment will complete the configurations needed for DOTAX to administer all taxes within the TSM program and Hawaii Tax Online.

Cigarette/Tobacco, Fuel, and Liquor taxpayers will now be able to use Hawaii Tax Online to e-file and make e-payments:

  • New license/permit documents and account numbers will be mailed to cigarette/tobacco, fuel, and liquor taxpayers in early September 2019.
  • Hawaii Tax Online provides returns for these tax types to accommodate the mandatory e-filing for periods beginning on or after September 1, 2019. (Note: Rental motor vehicle taxpayers are also required to e-file for periods beginning on or after October 1, 2019.)
  • Payments can now be made for these and all taxes administered by DOTAX on Hawaii Tax Online.

Hawaii Tax Online Enhancements. As more taxpayers use Hawaii Tax Online, we are continuing to expand functionality (see Figure 1).

  • Figure 1: New Forms and Features available on Hawaii Tax Online. To view a larger version of this figure and to learn about all the things you can do on Hawaii Tax Online go to https://hitax.hawaii.gov and click on “About Hawaii Tax Online.”
  • Go Green option. Taxpayers can opt to receive most correspondence electronically. This will enable taxpayers to be notified by email when new correspondence is available to view on Hawaii Tax Online, saving time and trees.
  • Mobile phone and tablet friendly forms will make it more convenient for taxpayers to e-file and e-pay on the go.

License management improvements

  • The QR code on all DOTAX licenses and permits will be scannable to retrieve current license status information (see Figure 2).
    Figure 2: Sample Tax License with QR Code
  • License revocation due to abandonment was initiated on July 1, 2019 and will become an annual process to maintain taxpayer accounts.
  • License suspension and revocation processes will be triggered if a taxpayer fails to file the necessary returns or make tax payments in a timely manner. File returns and pay on-time to avoid license suspension and revocation. Revocation or suspension of a license due to noncompliance has no effect on (1) liabilities for payment of taxes, fees, penalties, or interest incurred or imposed, (2) returns due, or (3) any potential audit action.

Faster tax clearance processes. With the addition of the final tax types to our TSM system, we will be able to reduce the need for manual processing of tax clearance certificates, reducing processing times:

  • Tax clearances can be requested, viewed, and printed on Hawaii Tax Online.
  • Tax clearance certificates will be certified using a QR code that can be validated (see Figure 3) instead of a green stamp with a signature. The new tax clearance certificate can be reprinted from Hawaii Tax Online as needed.
    Figure 3: Sample Tax Clearance with QR code
  • Tax compliance status can be viewed on Hawaii Tax Online.
  • Hawaii Compliance Express can be updated in real time.

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