Start a rewarding career in public service and receive excellent benefits including:
• Retirement benefits
• 13 state holidays (14 on an election year) annually
• Comprehensive health insurance
• 21 days of vacation and 21 days of sick leave per year
• Options for flexible working hours, alternative workweek program, or part-time work
• Options for life insurance and additional retirement savings programs

Employment opportunities at the Department of Taxation have professional growth potential and are available on all islands.

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As a condition of employment with the State of Hawaii, all qualified candidates who have successfully completed and passed the recruitment process, must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination at time a conditional offer of employment is made. Departments will consider reasonable accommodations requested by a candidate and it is determined through an interactive process that pregnancy, a qualifying disability, or a sincerely held religious belief prevents the candidate from receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

Please note that the COVID-19 vaccination policy above will apply to both new hires not currently employed by the State of Hawaii Executive branch, as well as CURRENT State of Hawaii Executive Branch employees who are being considered for placement into another State of Hawaii Executive Branch position.

State Civil Service Positions

Tax Returns Examiner IV

Under the general direction of the Office Audit Branch Chief, the Tax Returns Examiner IV supervises a group of Tax Returns Examiners engaged in processing and examining general excise, use, withholding, transient accommodations, rental motor vehicle and tour vehicle surcharge, income, and miscellaneous tax returns of individuals, partnerships, corporations, and other business entities, for correct tax reporting; performs other related duties.

Learn more at Tax Returns Examiner IV.

Tax Returns Examiner I

The primary purpose of this position is to conduct examinations of general excise, use, withholding, transient accommodations, rental motor vehicle, and income tax returns, including those with claims for credits and those involving questionable business and non-business income, exemptions, deductions, and refunds.

Learn more at Tax Returns Examiner I.

Tax Returns Examiner II

The primary function of this position is to conduct professional examinations of individuals, partnerships, and small domestic corporate organizations with the objective of determining if proper taxation pursuant to the Hawaii Revised Statutes was adhered to. Applicable taxes and issues include and are not limited to: General excise, use, employer’s withholding (WH), transient accommodations (TA), rental motor vehicle, and resident and non-resident status income tax returns, which encompasses claims for credit for taxes paid to another state and questionable business and non-business income, exemptions, and deductions.

Learn more at Tax Returns Examiner II.

Other Civil Service Positions

Other civil service positions at the Department of Taxation are filled through the Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) State Recruiting Office. Vacancy announcements and applications for these jobs are available on the State Recruiting Office website at

State Non-Civil Service Positions

Special Enforcement Section Assistant Investigator

Under the general supervision of the Special Enforcement Section Supervisor, the position assist with investigative activities in the detection of violation of laws, rules, and regulations covered under Title 14, Taxation, specifically under Section 231, and under jurisdiction of the Department of Taxation; assist investigators by providing support in gathering and organizing information and the preparation of written reports or spreadsheets, assists in conducting office examination of tax returns to verify accuracy and completeness of information and performing other tasks required to support investigators in the performance of their duties and the achievement of the Special Enforcement Section’s goals.

Learn more at Special Enforcement Section Assistant Investigator.

Administrative Rules Specialist

The purpose of this position is to assure that the administration of Hawaii’s tax laws and policies is set forth in systematic and orderly manner.

Learn more at Administrative Rules Specialist.

Administrative Rules Specialist (Appeals Case Specialist)

The purpose of this position is to resolve appeals filed with Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) through the Administrative and Dispute Resolution (AADR) program.

Learn more at Administrative Rules Specialist (Appeals Case Specialist).

Application Forms

  • Directions on how to apply and application forms are attached to the end of each job listed announcement.
  • For [other] civil service jobs, you must apply through DHRD. Learn more at

Residency Requirements

Hawaii State law requires that all State employees be Hawaii residents for the duration of their employment with the State. To learn more, please see: Information Sheet – Suspension of Residency Requirements for Applicants.


For more information about employment opportunities with the Department of Taxation and the application process, please contact the Personnel Office by phone at 808-587-1503 (preferred) or by email at [email protected]

The State of Hawaii is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable State and Federal laws relating to employment practices.

Page Last Updated: January 7, 2022