Pending Offers in Compromise

The following Offers in Compromise have been tentatively accepted by the Department of Taxation.

Pursuant to the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 231-3(10), the director of the department of taxation with the approval of the governor, may compromise any tax claim where the tax exceeds $50,000 and may compromise any tax claim where the tax is $50,000 or less without seeking the approval of the governor. In the latter case, the department shall post each proposed compromise on the department’s Internet website for five calendar days before the director signs the compromise.

None at this time.

Offer in Compromise – posted November 19, 2019
Name of taxpayer(s) Aaron & Angelico Orozco
Tax type(s) NI
Tax amount assessed $5,051.00
Penalties assessed $1,280.06
Interest assessed $3,897.49
Total amount owed: $10,198.55
Settlement amount $120.00
Reason for Compromise There exists doubt as to the collectability due to the financial condition of the taxpayers.
Post Date 11/19/2019
Expiration Date  *  1/21/2020

* Date that information will be removed from the website.

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