Hawaii Tax Online Changes

Exciting changes are coming to Hawaii Tax Online. After August 14, 2017, we will release an enhanced online experience based on your feedback and ongoing efforts to phase in technological improvements.

Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing a mobile optimized view with the Accounts tab selected.

New Tax Account Integration

Increased Transparency — Hawaii Tax Online will gain support for Corporate Income, Franchise, Public Service Company, and Withholding tax types. Managing your business tax accounts and monitoring the status of balances, filings, payments, and official correspondence will be easier than ever before.

Expanded e-Filing — Hawaii Tax Online will support additional tax forms, allowing you to enjoy the speed and reliability of e-filing for more return and payment types. For details, see the State e-File page.

Commercial Software Support — Internal technology upgrades will allow us to accept Corporate Income returns through the IRS Modernized e-File Program. While Hawaii Tax Online will not allow Corporate Income e-filing, you will be able to e-file federal and state returns together using approved tax preparation products. We expect vendors to support this by early 2018.

Improved Navigation

Mobile Friendly — Hawaii Tax Online will automatically adjust to provide the best experience possible on any device. Manage your tax accounts, make payments, and communicate with the Department of Taxation on the go.

Intuitive Interactions — Updates to context sensitive prompts and links to enriched help resources will make mastering Hawaii Tax Online easy. A new homepage layout with link descriptions will guide you to the Hawaii Tax Online functions you need. Quick file and pay options on the homepage will allow users to easily e-file key returns and pay taxes without creating a web logon (username).

Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing the Submit tab with subheadings and links for Payments, Reply to Notice, and Returns.

Prioritized Views — Streamlined tabs and summaries will allow you to monitor your tax accounts at a glance. We optimized Hawaii Tax Online to draw your attention to updates you may have missed. As you navigate down to specific tax accounts and periods, Hawaii Tax Online will automatically filter alerts and summaries to highlight relevant information.
Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing a Correspondence tab showing unread messages on the left and unread letters on the right.Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing Alerts on the left with more specific Account Alerts on the right.

New period summaries will allow you to clearly see all financial and filing activity by period. A new Manage Payments and Returns screen will provide powerful sorting and filtering features to help you create a customized view of information combined from many tax accounts.
Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing period summary with tax, interest, penalty, and credit on the left and period activity on the right with one return and two payments.Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing drop down filters for Corporate Income accounts, returns, and all periods.

Users with access to multiple accounts will see tax accounts conveniently grouped by customer.Hawaii Tax Online screenshot showing Company 1 and Company 2 summary cards organized under an Individuals and Businesses heading.

Greater Access Control

Convenient Settings — A new Settings button available at the taxpayer, tax account, and period levels allows easy access to security controls and stored payment channels.

Flexible Security — New security settings will help you protect your account and control what any third-party logons (accountants, attorneys, etc.) can view and change. Hawaii Tax Online will present detailed information about your account to help you ensure that all activity is authorized.

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