ACH Debit Payment Method Discontinued

In December 2019, the Department of Taxation (DOTAX) sent taxpayers using First Data, DOTAX’s service provider for the EFT ACH Debit payment method, a letter to inform them that DOTAX would no longer be receiving payments through First Data. Beginning April 1, 2020, any payments made through ACH Debit can not be processed and may result in penalties and interest for late payment. Taxpayers required to e-pay will need to use another e-payment method.

You can make e-payments in two ways:

1. Hawaii Tax Online (HTO)

With HTO Log on: You can make a payment (1) from your checking or saving account (free) or (2) using a credit or debit card payment (fees apply). After logging in, under I Want To select Manage Payments and Returns. Select the Account, Payments from the Show dropdown menu, and the Period. After entering the payment amount, you will be presented options to pay via Electronic Check or Credit Card.

Without HTO Log on: You can make a payment for free from your checking or savings account. Navigate to Make a Payment link on the homepage under Quick Links. You will need to enter the tax account type, payment type (account, license, or return), and Hawaii Tax ID. After confirming the taxpayer that you are making the payment for, you must enter your Bank Account Type, Routing Number, and Account Number to make the payment.

2. You may also pay by ACH Credit by following these instructions to work with your bank. ACH Credit allows you to transfer money by instructing your financial institution to debit your account and credit the State’s bank account.

Additional information about making electronic payments is available on the DOTAX’s website under General Info, Mandatory Electronic Payment (EFT).

If you need assistance in transitioning to HTO, please contact DOTAX at (808) 587-4242.

Page Last Updated: May 14, 2021