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All tax professionals representing a taxpayer before the Department are required to register as a Verified Practitioner (VP). (See Tax Announcement No. 2017-03). Registered VPs can use Hawaii Tax Online to manage their tax accounts, file returns, make payments, and conduct other common transactions with the Department.

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Benefits of Verified Practitioner Registration

Only Verified Practitioners may utilize the services of the PPO and call the dedicated PPO phone line at 808-587-1684.

The PPO can help VPs to resolve account related issues such as:

  • Resolving certain taxpayer account issues including: providing information on taxpayer accounts, locating and applying payments, and explaining DOTAX notices and letters
  • Providing general procedural guidance and timeframes
  • Directing inquiries to the appropriate offices within the Department.

The PPO cannot resolve issues outside its scope. These following lists of issues cannot be handled by the PPO and will be forwarded to the appropriate section.

  • Tax law questions
  • Appeal issues or questions
  • Accounts under penalty and/or interest waiver consideration
  • Accounts under audit examination
  • Accounts assigned to Collections
  • Accounts under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Unit
  • Tax clearance status or applications

24/7 Access to Multiple Clients’ Tax Accounts on Hawaii Tax Online

Hawaii Tax Online is convenient, secure, and reliable.

VPs may request access to multiple clients’ tax accounts and conduct the following transactions 24/7:

  • Manage Accounts
  • File returns (usually processed within 24 hours)
  • Make and schedule future payments
  • Check account balances

Please note that registered Verified Practitioners must execute a N-848 – Power of Attorney for each client to access tax information or represent a taxpayer before the Department.

For online access to tax accounts, please see the step-by-step guide on How to Request Access to a Tax Account (PDF).

If you are interested to learn more about VP registration and online account navigation, please see the PPO’s FAQs.

Should you require assistance with Hawaii Tax Online, including resolving login issues, please call 587-4242, and press option 6.

How to Register as a VP and Create an Online Account at the Same Time

To cut down on processing time, the Department recommends that you register as a VP and create an online account at the same time.

First, navigate to Hawaii Tax Online. Under the services tab, click on “Register Third Party.” Then, look under the “Register as a Third Party” section and click on “Verified Practitioner.”

screen print at of 'Register as a Third Party'

For a detailed step-by-step guide to registering, please see How to Register as a VP and Create an Online Account at the Same Time (PDF) rev 1.26.18.pdf.

Once the Department receives your registration application, it will take approximately 7 business days to process. After your application is approved, the Department will send you an email with an authentication code to log in.

You will also be mailed an approval letter with an assigned Verified Practitioner ID (VPID). You are required to use your VPID for Form N-848, commonly referred to as the Power of Attorney. This approval letter will also available for viewing on your Hawaii Tax Online VP account.

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Page last updated: March 2, 2020