Miscellaneous Specifications

We review our tax forms and instructions annually. The official versions that may be filed by taxpayers are released and posted to our website at tax.hawaii.gov/forms in January of each year. The forms with miscellaneous specifications for 2018 are listed in the table below.

The forms listed on this page do not have to be submitted to the Department for review. The forms will have a QR code placed on them but it is not a key from image form or scannable form.

The forms listed on this page must be labeled with your Hawaii Vendor I.D. Number. These forms are subject to our miscellaneous specifications. The miscellaneous specifications and QR codes are available by clicking on the links in the table below. This page will be updated as more forms and instructions are revised. The announcements are posted below. Email notifications of updates are sent upon request. If you would like to be notified when forms are updated, please email Tax.Technical.Section@hawaii.gov subject line “NOTIFY: subscribe”.

Miscellaneous Specifications
Form Miscellaneous Specifications
A-6 QR code – A6_C 2017A 01.jpeg
HW-4 QR code – HW4_C 2017A 01.jpeg
HW-6 QR code – HW6_C 2017A 01.jpeg
HW-7 QR code – HW7_C 2017A 01.jpeg
HW-26 QR code – HW26_C 2017A 01.jpeg
L-9 QR code – L9_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-30/N-70NP Sch D QR code – N30N70NPSCHD_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-35 Sch D QR code – N35SCHD_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-163 QR code – N163_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-312 QR code – N312_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-323 QR code – N323_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-330 QR code – N330_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-338 QR code – N338_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-340 QR code – N340_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-342 QR code – N342_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-342A QR code – N342A_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-342B QR code – N342B_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-342C QR code – N342C_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-344 QR code – N344_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-346 QR code – N346_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-346A QR code – N346A_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-348 QR code – N348_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-350 QR code – N350_C 2018A 01.jpeg
N-352  new  QR code – N352_B 2017B 01.jpeg
N-354 QR code – N354_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-586 QR code – N586_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-755 QR code – N755_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-756 QR code – N756_C 2017A 01.jpeg
N-884 QR code – N884_C 2017A 01.jpeg
Sch AMD QR code – SCHAMD_C 2017A 01.jpeg